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Tired of distorting your beads while creating them, check out this tutorial on custom texture tube beads made with polymer clay

We love unique beads and jewelry components so when I found this video by Sona Grigoryan, I just had to share.

She takes lots of time creating her own textures which are awesome, but what I really like is how she makes and cures and core bead. Then she covers it with the textures she creates.

Wheather you want to create your own textures or use stamps, stencils, & imprint tools, or hand tools to create them its a super idea to create them on a core bead,  to prevent distortion while your working.

Just imagine all the fun finishes you can use on these beads like paints, inks, waxes, inka gold and swellegant oh my!

Try something new and explore your way to a creative day at Lindas Art Spot.



learn how to make Bargello polymer clay earrings with this free tutorial

Looking for a fun new technique to try this weekend, how about making these fun Bargello earrings.

I found this tutorial by Hope Elkina of 123 Clay! Although I am not sure what language she is speaking the tutorial is still fun and easy to follow if you have some clay background.

Did you make a pair be sure to take a minute to show me what you made on my FB page.

Have a creative Weekend!