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Dots On Alcohol Ink Made Easy With Marabu Extender

Photo credit: Marabu

If you’re looking for new ways to play with alcohol ink and achieve fun effects, why not try Marabu Extender? The Extender increases the inks’ open time, lightens and lifts colors, and increases transparency.

We found a cool and simple blog post that explains the technique of creating dots on a beautiful alcohol ink background.  It’s always good to have some new techniques up your sleeve, right?  This is a fun and easy one.  You’ll have a new masterpiece by dinner time.

Photo credit: Marabu

You can buy Marabu Extender and Alcohol Inks at Linda’s Art Spot.  We also carry an Ink Tool Kit  and this Fine Tip Water Brush to make your dots.

Marabu Extender and Alcohol Ink at Linda’s Art Spot

Free tutorial: Flower Power – Batik like color on polymer clay with alcohol inks and pastels

Flower power full of color polymer clay pendant

Flower power full of color polymer clay pendant by Linda Prais



  • White or ecru clay polymer clay (I prefer white) clay any brand except sculpeyIII
  • 2 alcohol inks for highlight, I use Ranger inks
  • alcohol ink for deep accent color
  • alcohol blending solution in spritzer bottle
  • alcohol applicator and pads
  • Clean paint brush smallest you have
  • Texture stamp  in the above example I used the leaves stamp  
    •     I like a small design for full impact
  • Teardrop cutter
  • Round Cutter to fit I use Premos Round mini cutter set
  • Roller acrylic
  • Pastel chalks
  • acrylic paint
  • Kato poly paste if needed


1.  Start by conditioning your clay.  About 1/4 to 1/2 block is plenty.                       Then roll out to the thickness you desire for this project, mine is about 1/4″

2.  I used stick pastels that I had to scrape to get my pastel powder. BE SURE TO USE A HIGH QUALITY pastel that insures intense colors.

scraping pastel chalks

scraping pastel chalks

3.     Using the powders you created, rub the colors into the clay.  I like to keep the colors separate.  These will be the colors that peek through.

rub pastels into clay

rub pastels into clay

4. Press your stamp into the clay being sure you have good depth of the design.

complements of Linda'a Art Spot

5. Squirt lightly with blending solution, also apply blending solution to your applicator pad. Next add a couple of drops of the ink colors you choose to the applicator pad.  Keep them separate and use sparingly.20150805_150305

6. Lightly apply on top of the chalk in a few places.20150805_150238

7. Now using a clean applicator pad, add a small about of blending solution if necessary. Gently wipe some off the top ridges of the design clean (ish).20150805_150246


notice in this piece that I have used cranberry and blue sparingly in a few places.

8. Now drop a couple of drops of your alcohol ink onto a container or plate. *see below for hint. Spritz your clay piece again with the blending solution this will allow the ink to move. Don’t over saturate the clay. Using your fine tip paint brush, lightly touch a small tip of alcohol ink into the recesses of the design to accent. Don’t over do it.  Just a bit here and there. Notice in this piece that I have used cranberry and blue sparingly in a few places.

9.  Let it dry to the touch then cut your shapes.  Arrange the design into a flower. I used the inside of my hollow bead maker to hold the cupped shape I wanted and pinched and curved the petals to my liking. Press together, add the center and gently press to be sure all areas are touching well.  Cure according to the manufacture directions.

10.  Now notice on my finished piece the light green highlights that were achieved after the piece was cured.   I very lightly dry brushed some green acrylic paint in just a few places adding yet another dimension.

11.  On occasion the bond will not hold after it is cured because of the layer of chalks and inks. DO NOT PANIC!  All is not lost. I almost prefer it to show any weakness. After it is cured I just give my best kept secret Kato Poly Paste a bit of a  stir to be sure its nice and sticky and using my finger to rub a bit onto the piece to be secured like glue and then cure it again. Don’t forget to tent your piece to keep it from scorching.  This is also what I use to attach my clay bails.

Enjoy and have fun Remember some times you just have to make a mess to find the beauty within!

Happy Claying,


*HINT for alcohol inks

Use a discarded candy tray to hold drops of alcohol ink. Let it dry out before storing, it can be reconstituted by adding blending solutions and stiring with your paint brush or tooth pick

Use a discarded candy tray to hold drops of alcohol ink. Let it dry out before storing, it can be reconstituted by adding blending solutions and stirring with your paint brush or tooth pick No mess, or waisting of ink.