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Starburst Texture Roller by Kor is bursting with texture! Too cheesy?

Photo credit: electric_leo_ on Instagram

Kor polymer clay texture rollers make clean, crisp, deep impressions.  And this Starburst pattern will accentuate your creations beautifully.  We love how it creates movement and keeps the eye dancing along the clay.

Photo credit: electric_leo_ on Instagram

Starburst Kor Texture Roller is available at Linda’s Art Spot.  How will you use this pattern?  Shop all of our texture rollers.

Starburst Kor Texture Roller at Linda’s Art Spot

Necronic Texture Roller

Photo credit: Syndee Holt

Necronic is a high quality textured acrylic rolling pin by Green Stuff.  It has the impression of other worldly hieroglyphics and adds a really interesting and almost primal feel to polymer clay.

This textured rolling pin allows you to roll a continuous pattern impression on polymer clay, putties, fondant, gum paste, marzipan, modeling chocolate, and cold porcelain. And best of all no handle is needed with these rollers. Just roll them over the surface.

Necronic texture roller is available at Linda’s Art Spot.  Shop all our texture rollers.

Necronic texture roller at Linda’s Art Spot