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Just released Syndee Holts new positive and negative stamp designs!

multi-stamp syndee holt

Drum roll please….. Check it out Syndee Holt polymer clay artist, photographer and all around creative has created her own stamp designs.

I am luck enough to belong to the very same guild as Syndee, so I get lots of tips and tricks first hand. This year at Sandy Camp the guild retreat run by the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild Syndee introduced her new stamp designs. I knew they were coming as I already had them on order with the manufacture but had not gotten my shipment yet so it was fun to see what was on the way.


Syndee Holt is the ultimate giver and sharer of knowledge, and excitement.  This year at Sandy Camp it was no different. Syndee did several demos. She did one on photographing your work which was awesome, one demo using her favorite stamp the 2207J to make faux raku,

Syndee's faux raku

Syndee’s faux raku using 2207J

and last but not least one using her wonderful new stamps with both positive and negative images. She has even done a tutorial for the circle in circle pendant below. Its always fun seeing what Syndee is up too while soaking up some of her exciting energy!

A great big thanks Syndee!

Check out a few pieces that she has made using her very own stamp designs and as always with Syndee she has added these designs with her own dramatic surface techniques for stunning results.

In this one she used a transfer on the top section and the positive stamps imprint for the subtle bottom black layer.

Again this shows the wonderful results you can get by using the positive and negative of the very same design, and I say ya gotta love it. Way to go Syndee!

Syndee Holt stamp designs

Syndee Holt stamp designs


You can find Syndee’s designs and even her favorite 2207J stamp at Lindas Art Spot


Ways to use texture stamps on polymer clay with Lisa Pavelka

How to Use Textured Stamps

These are just 2 of the dozens of texture stamps that Lisa Pavelka has designed for polymer clay, metal clay and other moldable materials. Lisa is going to go ahead and start showing you one way to work with the clay and that would be to get a beautiful embossed effect using the garden glory stamp.

emboss your clay with the texture stampLisa takes a sheet of white polymer clay and applies Pearlidescent foil to it.  She then places it upside down with a piece of deli paper on the backing and with one firm pass with an acrylic roller giving her a beautiful embossed effect. This creates a lovely mother of pearl look.  This would be a lovely surface effect for a wedding gift or some décor item.

stamping over the embossed clayEmbossed then stamped

Now Lisa going to take the love letter stamp. You can use stamps for embossed effects or you can just stamp on the surface of your clay. She’s going to take some black ink, either pigment or dye-based ink will work for this technique because once it’s baked in the heat of your oven it will make the ink permanent. So ink the area of your stamp you want to apply. Place the clay face down onto the stamp and lightly pat. This is going to create a surface imprint that has no embossed effect. It’s just going to look like it was screen printed on. Imagine what you can do with this technique.

luggage tag

luggage tag

Pearlidescent foil on lavender clay then embossed                                                   with the Swirly Q Stamp and add swarovski crystals bling!