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Sculpey Souffle Clay is perfect for large pieces but that’s not all…

Photo credit: Syndee Holt

Have you worked with souffle clay? Souffle clay is strong and self-supporting and doesn’t crack in large pieces, which makes it great for larger clay projects. It has a beautiful suede finish when baked.

Photo credit: cathiefilian.com

Here at Linda’s Art Spot we have 22 beautiful colors of souffle clay for you to choose from.  Are you ready to start creating?

Photo credit: sculpey.com

Sculpey Souffle Clay at Linda’s Art Spot

Marbled Polymer Clay Bowls

Photo credit: Oven Hug

Polymer clay is great for countless projects.  Some of those are decorative only and hang on your wall or your neck but some are endlessly useful and something that you touch and count on every day.  If you’re like me, you like to have things organized and in their proper place.  Does anyone else LOVE shopping at The Container Store?  But why not let your containers be beautiful?  These marbled clay bowls by Oven Hug make great storage vessels for jewelry, office supplies, hair ties, and so many other things.

All you need is some polymer clay in stunning colors and you’re ready to get organized!  Sculpey Premo would be a great choice for this project.  Linda’s Art Spot carries a large variety of colors to choose from.

Sculpey Premo at Linda’s Art Spot