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Procion MX Dye

Photo credit: jennyallentextiles on Instagram

Procion MX Dyes  are the most vivid of all dyes for cellulose (natural) fibers. These dyes can be used individually or mixed and blended to make custom colors

This dye is great for immersion dyeing, tie dye, batik, airbrushing, garment dyeing, screen printing, spatter painting gradation dyeing and more!

Photo credit: puliechka on Instagram

This cold water dye does not require heat. This unique property sets Procion MX apart from all other dyes and establishes them as the undisputed king of backyard dyeing, batik, and tie-dye.  Here at  Linda’s Art Spot we carry a variety of colors.

Photo credit: forget_me_knotted on Instagram

Procion MX Dye at Linda’s Art Spot