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What brand of ink should I use, Comparing Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks to Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Inks

Which brand of alcohol ink is best you ask?  Here is a quick comparison of Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Inks to Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Inks

I love to play with alcohol inks, and over the next few months I will share some tips, tricks and project using alcohol inks. But one question I get all the time is how do I know which brand is best jacquards Piñata ink or rangers Adirondack ink?

Ranger Adirondack Alcohol Ink vrs Jacquard Piñata Alcohol Ink

Well to this I say it really is a personal matter. I tend to make my decision based the individual I want to do. The major differences between the brands seem to be in the color pallet, and viscosity (or the fluidness) of the inks. Depending on your project you may want to use the brand that moves faster or slower.

Here is a quick break down with more to come…

Jacquard Piñata comes in 19 colors they are very shinny rich and vibrant, and can be quite bold. Jacquard Piñata ink tends to be a bit thicker and spread less and slower this often allows for less blending and the results can have more of a layered look and may allow for more control of color.

Jacquard Pianta Ink chart

Where as  Ranger’s Adirondack ink comes in over 55 colors they tend to be a very calm rich earthy tones. Ranger is also nice enough to produce 3 packs that offer color pallets that work well together. Ranger Adirondack ink tend to be more fluid and tend to spread more drop to drop this often allows for more blending of colors and more muted effects.

Adirondack ink chart

Adirondack 3 packs of coordinating colorsAdirondack

Adirondack 3 packs of coordinating colorsAdirondack


Hold tight and be on the look out for more ,                                                        comping up tips, tricks and projects using Alcohol inks 

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