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Who knew adult kids could be so fun! Wood working and playing Polymer clay with the kids.

Ok so my daughter and her hubby, may not appreciate being called kids, after all they are adults and they are about to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. But to me they will always be my kids even when I’m in my 90’s and their in their 70’s.

When the “kids” came for a visit last month we had such a great time. I wish I could say that about other their visits over the last 5 years. My illness had put a damper on our last few visits. My mind worked like a strainer, it held onto nothing. I had very limited mobility and was in constant pain, so I wasn’t much fun to be around. This visit was so different since I am in partial remission now, and we were really able to have a lot of fun. It’s I time I will truly cherish. After a couple days of day trips, I was whooped! It was time to relax near home.


We caught a minor league baseball game in Lake Elsinore, and our home team the Storms won. Since the game was on 3rd of July we even got a great firework display! Go Storms.


DSC08424The boys decide to make our two precious grand-dogs raised dog feeders with their names on them.  Pat learned how to use the scroll saw to cut out their names and a design. It was a case of student surpasses teacher, or at least caught up with the teacher. I guess that just means Chris is a super teacher.


Keri and I stuck around for a little while to do quality control.                                       Not that it was needed.

We decided it was time to give them a break and headed off to my studio so she could try her hand and Polymer clay. She was a natural and learned super quick, she even made some pens.  It wouldn’t take anytime for her to put my work to shame. You go girl!

polymer clay pens

polymer clay pens


Sadie and Wylie pose with their new custom raised dog feeders.                             Made from pallet wood and scrap lumber.


After a fun filled trip we have some hugs, kisses, and cries                                                  and let them get on the road for the very long drive back to their own lives.