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Do you ever wonder what you can do with alcohol inks and polymer clay?

When we talk alcohol ink our minds usually go in one of two directions bottled ink like Adirondack & Piñata OR markers and pens. But guess what they both have their place in polymer clay. And they can go together in the same project. Below I will show you just a few of the ways that you can use alcohol inks with polymer clay.

polymer clay that’s been tinted with alcohol ink by Ginger Davis Allman

I love using bottled ink to tint solid or liquid translucent clay.  Check out this how to great tutorial by Ginger Davis Allman at Blue Bottle Tree  You can find the supplies she discussed here at Linda Art Spot.

Alcohol backgrounds and images using bottled alcohol inks by Pamela

I love coming up with wonderful laminates of colors and even backgrounds behind stamped or silkscreened images. I’ll be coving more on this in the future but for now here is Pamela’s tutorial is about using the inks on ceramic tiles however techniques are the same techniques that I’ve applied to both raw and cured clay.

alcohol ink pens on sculpey Primo glitter gold polymer clay

But what if you want to have some control have you considered an alcohol based marker like Chameleon Pens that offer fine line detail and even ombre effects. Syndee Holt like to uses both decals and silkscreen to apply a design and then you can simply color in the design with your alcohol based ink pens like the Chameleon pens.

painting with inks using a water brush                        filled with blending solution                                                    gives you control and longer working times

You can even paint with the bottled alcohol inks using inks and blends that have been dropped onto an ink palette, and reconstituted with 91% alcohol or for more extended working time and smoother blends I prefer blending solution.

Some favorite painting tools are ink applicators , cotton balls, toothpicks, an old toothbrush for splatters, canned air, straws for blowing through and by far my favorite is the Tim Holtz water brush.  filled with blending solution, its almost like watercolor painting.

Well I hope this have given you some thoughts and inspiration about how to play in the world of alcohol inks, be on the look out next week I’ll talk about how to organize and work with with this messy buy fun exciting media.

Till then Happy Claying,









Color makes me smile, and these mandalas painted on ocean stones really lighten my step!

stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-10-605x605Happiness for some people can seem so hard to find. Like many people life has thrown me quite a few challenges and each time I do my best to rise up and knock them back. What I have learned is that they can not all be knocked back, so I have to adjust and learn to live with what I have.

As a result I focus my days and time on what it is that makes me happy! A kind word from a stranger, and unexpected call from my daughter, time in the garden or in my studio. And Always COLOR!stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-9

I just love color I can’t go anywhere and not be drawn it to the color of the sky, the shades of green or often brown in our landscapes. When searching the internet for inspiration I came across this artist Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist based in Canada. It is obvious that she too loves color and her work speaks to me in such a most basic way I can’t help but smile and be mesmerize. Take a peek and her work and tell me what you think.

Have a great day! Find and focus on what makes you happy!

stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-13-605x605 stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-1-605x605 stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-5