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Dots On Alcohol Ink Made Easy With Marabu Extender

Photo credit: Marabu

If you’re looking for new ways to play with alcohol ink and achieve fun effects, why not try Marabu Extender? The Extender increases the inks’ open time, lightens and lifts colors, and increases transparency.

We found a cool and simple blog post that explains the technique of creating dots on a beautiful alcohol ink background.  It’s always good to have some new techniques up your sleeve, right?  This is a fun and easy one.  You’ll have a new masterpiece by dinner time.

Photo credit: Marabu

You can buy Marabu Extender and Alcohol Inks at Linda’s Art Spot.  We also carry an Ink Tool Kit  and this Fine Tip Water Brush to make your dots.

Marabu Extender and Alcohol Ink at Linda’s Art Spot

Fun and Easy Tutorial Using Stencils To Add Texture Over Alcohol Ink

Photo credit: Marabu

Looking for a fun and easy project to keep your creative mind engaged?  We found a great blog over at Marabu.  Marabu makes brilliant alcohol inks and they have awesome ideas about how to use them.

This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the easy process of using a stencil on top of an alcohol ink design.  The effect is beautiful and adds so much more interest to your alcohol ink creations.

Linda’s Art Spot carries a large assortment of Marabu Alcohol Inks as well as dozens of stencils.  This Mod Spirals stencil would be a fun one to use.  What do you think?

Mod Spirals stencil at Linda’s Art Spot