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FLASH SALE! ONE DAY ONLY! Easy Marble Starter Kit by Marbu is now 20% off!

Photo credit: Reality Day Dream

With Easy Marble Paint Starter Set by Marabu creating marble, effects has never been easier.   This high-gloss marbling paint offers various ways of creating dipped marble effects on eggs, paper, baubles, glass, plastic and so much more.

Photo credit: Something Turquoise

Works on either flat surfaces or dimensional objects. It even works on metal, wax, wood, paper-mâché, polyester, polypropylene, smooth foam and many other surfaces. Let your imagination go wild!


The Easy Marble Starter Set by Marabu includes 6 × 15 ml bottles (Medium Yellow, Ruby Red, Azure Blue, Rich Green, White & Black), and instructions.  Available for 20% off now at Linda’s Art Spot!  Hurry, this offer will last only for 24 hours.

Solar Fast Starter Print Kit: make beautiful prints using the power of the sun

Photo credit: Healy Originals on Instagram

If you have some sunny days where you are, you might want to experiment with solar prints.  Solar printing is the easy process of using the sun, dye and various objects to create images on fabric.  We found a great blog post by Sue Reno about solar dying using Jacquard Solar Fast.  She used dogwood leaves and blossoms to create a beautiful and unique textile.

Photo credit: Sue Reno

You can also create images using photographic negatives.  The possibilities are endless!  Look around your house and your yard.   We’re sure you have some items that would make interesting solar prints.  How about dried or plastic flowers, doilies and lace, foliage from bushes and trees.

You can make these prints on scrap fabric or t-shirts.  If you use fabric, you can then turn your new yardage into zipper pouches or hot pads or even a lovely camisole.  We weren’t kidding when we said the possibilities are endless.

Photo credit: 323palm.trees on Instagram

Photo credit: Healy Originals on Instagram

If you’re curious about this printing technique, Linda’s Art Spot sells a Solar Fast Starter Print Kit.  This kit includes everything you need to print on up to 8 T-shirts.  (T-shirts not included.)  We’d love to see your new solar prints!

Solar Fast Started Kit at Linda’s Art Spot