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Use your texture stamps and Pebeo paints To make this fun pendant out of Polymer Clay

Looking for a fun way to mix your texture stamps and Pebeo paints? You can make this fun pendant out of polymer clay. And guess what you can find all the supplies you need at Linda’s Art Spot.com that’s one of the places that Samatha of Jessama tutorials likes to shop.

You can find items like polymer clay, pebeo paints,  ball stylist, ball sets, and resin as well as a huge assortment of texture stamps and texture tools as well as texture rollers like Kor tools

Hope you have fun creating!


Looking for a fun new tutorial to try this weekend. Make this reversalable Pendant

Looking for a simple but complex looking project to try this weekend. Check out this reversible pendant tutorial I found by Svetlana Belova. It is written in Russian but the photos are easy to follow.

I love scrolling through Pinterest to see what fun ideas I like. Here is one I found and like it’s quite simple in the design.

I can imagine this being done in colors from a subtle monochromatic, complementary, or even a wonderfully bold triad color scheme.

All you need are a few basic polymer clay tools.

And your choice of polymer clay colors.

Get the full tutorial here

And as always you can find a wonderful array of tools, clays, and supplies at Linda’s Art Spot.

Happy Claying,