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Quartz crystals give your jewelry a natural earthy look and feel

Photo credit: Mall Dou Jewelry

Nature is amazing.  All the gems in the world are laying beneath your feet nestled in the earth.  Celebrate the abundance of nature by integrating quartz crystals into your designs.  Here at Linda’s Art Spot we have Quartz Crystal Points that would be the perfect addition to any project.  Shop our whole quartz selection.

Photo credit: Ghost Gallery Shop

Photo credit: Wild People Free Spirit Etsy shop

Quartz Crystals at Linda’s Art Spot

Make your own jewelry components, for polymer clay….. Breaking out of the box inspiration


I am not a huge jewelry wearer but I do appreciate good jewelry and jewelry design.  I found this blog awhile back and have really been enjoying following it.  You might enjoy it too.

Many of the ideas at Love My Art Jewelry can be converted for use with polymer clay.  But even more than that for those of us who want to stray from the restrictive formed components we buy, this blog can help us break loose to take our art to another height.  Check out these hand made toggles.

Wow what I could do with these!