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See the difference between using blending solutions and alcohol

Ever wonder why you would use blending solutions instead of or in addition to alcohol ink?  Check out this video by Ranger inks showing the difference. She even shows you one way to use the blending pen did you know it basically removes the ink color. Think of all the wonderful ways you can use it.

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Paint Your Sneakers!

Photo credit: jacquardusa on Instagram

Jacquard Neopaque and Neopaque Sneaker Series Paints are high quality, light-bodied super opaque paints. These gorgeous paints spread smoothly and stay flexible.  They are designed to last, without cracking or peeling. They allow for smooth application on soft or flexible surfaces like fabric, leather, polymer clay and even uneven textures like Styrofoam.

Photo credit: sneakersurgery on Instagram

Linda’s Art Spot carries 21 great colors including the 8 sneaker series colors and the clear extender.

Jacquard Neopaque Paint at Linda’s Art Spot