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Announcing the launch of Lindas Art Spot 2 on Etsy the place to find one of a kind gifts!

You asked for it and you got it…                        I’ve launched a new etsy store  just for my art.

When I opened my first etsy shop a couple of years ago I was going to sell some of my simple gift items and a few supplies.  

Linda’s Art Spot grew and became the place to buy a huge arrangement of art supplies (with the polymer clay / multi media artist in mind) it has been a success thanks to you all. However my simple functional artsy gift pieces kinda got lost, and my art buying customers complained that it was to difficult to my my treasures amongst all the supplies.

I heard your cries. You wanted to be able to find my tiny treasures quicker and easier, so with that in mind I’m announcing  the launch of Lindas Art Spot 2 .

It only has a smidgin of the items to come and I’ll be addend items daily so be on the look out. You never know what will come next! I’ll be adding wearable art, earrings, and even my trade marked “booklocker” the best book marker you’ll ever own!

  So stop in and browse often                                                                                                    pin your favorite items to pinterest                                                                                                       click that heart to add my shop to your etsy favorites                                                                                              as always share it with a friend!
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Mika shift pendant demo week using Kor Tool rollers and metal stencils on polymer clay

Mika shift pendant by Lindas Art spot

Mika shift pendant by Linda’s Art spot


Want to learn how to make this simple but elegant                                mica shift pendent?

Join the Artist and Crafters of South IE                                                                              Sunday, November 15 at 3 o’clock                                                                             Panera bread in Menifee California.

Not able to attend that ok I’ll be posting the tutorial soon!

Mika Shift pendant using a brass stencil by Lindas Art Spot

Mika Shift pendant using a brass stencil by Lindas Art Spot

I’ll be showing how to make simple pendants using premo pearl polymer clay. This one was made using Premo’s Bright Gold polymer clay, and the Dahlia metal stencil. I love using metal stencils and my new favorite  Kor tool rollers there so much fun there rolling out the doors, I’m out of some designs and a bit low on stock but don’t worry I’ve got more on the way. So stay tuned and be on the lookout I promise the tutorial will be coming soon!

Thanks for stopping in and remember your source for hard to find polymer clay and other art supplies Linda’s Art Spot!