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Textures of nature: a great free tutorial for polymer clay artists

flower pendant

It appears she has used alcohol inks in this pendant.

I love the textures that nature offers and am often inspired by them so when I found this tutorial by Russian artist Julia Titova I just had to share.

air dried clay for molding

The best I can tell (using google translate since originally it was written in Russian) is that she is using air dry clay to make the relief of the flowers both fresh and dried and then makes the pendants reinforcing it with resin. You could also use polymer clay or silicone mold making kits for a more stable longer lasting mold.

relief molds

relief molds

After the mold base has been made she then makes the relief imprint, and adds color  in the form of, my personal favorites,  alcohol inks or thinned acrylic paints.


And finally she then adds a layer of resin to offer a tremendous depth to the piece. My personal favorite resins are Lisa Pavelkas’ Magic Glos, and Ice Resin.


For me, this is just another excuse to play with nature and of course alcohol inks.









Free tutorial: Now you can learn how to use border molds to create something wonderful!


I love all things textures and that includes border molds.


I especially like the ones designed by Lisa Pavelka. They are perfect for polymer clay, air dry clays, and so much more.  Follow this link to watch and learn how to use them.


You can find these border molds and other great stamps, texture rollers and polymer clay inspired art supplies at Linda’s Art Spot.

ropes n braidsdaisy chain


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