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Think Outside the Square

Photo credit: The Decorated Cookie

When considering your next cookie  or clay creation, do you assume you need an intricate cutter to inspire the decorations that will adorn the top?  Why not start simple.  Really simple.  How about a square?  A simple square is a great starting point for some amazing creations.

Photo credit: Buy the Place with Beads on Etsy

Photo credit: Cookie Crumbs

Linda’s Art Spot carries a variety of square cutters.  It’s time to start thinking outside of that boring old square!


Lightning Bolt cutters add some zap to your next project!

Photo credit: Deviant Art

Give your life a little jolt.  Integrate some lightning bolts into your next project!

Photo credit: LoyalNinja

Makins Lightning Bolt cutters are now available at Linda’s Art Spot.  These cutters come in 3 graduated sizes so they would work well for all kinds of creations.  What will you make?

Lightning Bolt Cutters at Linda’s Art Spot