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Ways to use texture stamps on polymer clay with Lisa Pavelka

How to Use Textured Stamps

These are just 2 of the dozens of texture stamps that Lisa Pavelka has designed for polymer clay, metal clay and other moldable materials. Lisa is going to go ahead and start showing you one way to work with the clay and that would be to get a beautiful embossed effect using the garden glory stamp.

emboss your clay with the texture stampLisa takes a sheet of white polymer clay and applies Pearlidescent foil to it.  She then places it upside down with a piece of deli paper on the backing and with one firm pass with an acrylic roller giving her a beautiful embossed effect. This creates a lovely mother of pearl look.  This would be a lovely surface effect for a wedding gift or some décor item.

stamping over the embossed clayEmbossed then stamped

Now Lisa going to take the love letter stamp. You can use stamps for embossed effects or you can just stamp on the surface of your clay. She’s going to take some black ink, either pigment or dye-based ink will work for this technique because once it’s baked in the heat of your oven it will make the ink permanent. So ink the area of your stamp you want to apply. Place the clay face down onto the stamp and lightly pat. This is going to create a surface imprint that has no embossed effect. It’s just going to look like it was screen printed on. Imagine what you can do with this technique.

luggage tag

luggage tag

Pearlidescent foil on lavender clay then embossed                                                   with the Swirly Q Stamp and add swarovski crystals bling!

What all top Etsy sellers have in common.

When reading this blog post by Terri Belford I decided it would be perfect to add to my blog. Terri is committed to helping YOU create meaning, money and community while making a better world. She what she had to share about what Etsy entrepreneurs have in common.

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Do you dream of starting a business and then spending your days hanging out in a hammock sipping tropical drinks while the money comes in?
Do you still believe in the get-rich quick-with-passive-income theory?

If so, you probably ought to stick with that day job. Yes, I really said that. I, Terri Belford, self-employment advocate, told you to chuck your entrepreneurial dreams and stay in that cubicle IF you don’t want to work like crazy, sometimes double duty in order to build a profitable business.
As I interviewed top Etsy seller who truly make a living selling their creative work, one thing they all had in common is that they treated it like a business. Even those who worked a day job while they built up their business put full-time effort into their own business. They worked mornings before work, evenings when they got home and on weekends. They wanted so desperately to succeed that they approached it like they meant business and it became a viable business.
Particular in the early stage, you’ve got to put in the hours. There is no other way to succeed. The people who have replaced and even surpassed their job-income work full-time at their business. Yes, they have the option of working where they want and when they want. If they have a portable craft, they may go to the coffee shop or the beach to create or to spend time online marketing. If they want to take time off during the day for a walk or to join their kids on a field trip, they put in time in the evenings.
They also all devote time regularly to marketing. Some have a partner and one is the creator, the other the marketer but they market their business like a business which is why it becomes a business.

I’m not saying you won’t ever make money in your sleep. You absolutely can and will if you put in the time and energy in the beginning. Once you’ve created products there are many ways to leverage, to make something once and sell it over and over.
Once you’ve done the hard work and your business is thriving, you can absolutely take time off and go hang out in that hammock.
First, though, you’ve got to work like you mean business to create a profitable business.

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If you liked this you can read more from Terri at www.inspiredlivelihood.com, or just stay tuned I’ll be sharing some of great idea’s.