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Sculpey Souffle Clay

Photo credit: Syndee Holt

Have you worked with souffle clay? Souffle clay is strong and self-supporting and doesn’t crack in large pieces, which makes it great for larger clay projects. It has a beautiful suede finish when baked.

Photo credit: cathiefilian.com

Here at Linda’s Art Spot we have 22 beautiful colors of souffle clay for you to choose from.  Are you ready to start creating?

Photo credit: sculpey.com

Sculpey Souffle Clay at Linda’s Art Spot

Children’s Art Projects Using Pastels on Clay

Photo credit: Art Room with a View

Looking for a fun kid’s craft?  (Perfect for crafters and professionals too!) How about using pastels on clay?  Panpastels work wonderfully on a multitude of surfaces including clay.  Panpastels can be blended, and layered offering beautiful effects.  Linda’s Art Spot sells Genuine Panpastels in 6 beautifully colored sets.

Photo credit: Annie’s Art Room

Panpastels at Linda’s Art Spot