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Announcing the launch of Lindas Art Spot 2 on Etsy the place to find one of a kind gifts!

You asked for it and you got it…                        I’ve launched a new etsy store  just for my art.

When I opened my first etsy shop a couple of years ago I was going to sell some of my simple gift items and a few supplies.  

Linda’s Art Spot grew and became the place to buy a huge arrangement of art supplies (with the polymer clay / multi media artist in mind) it has been a success thanks to you all. However my simple functional artsy gift pieces kinda got lost, and my art buying customers complained that it was to difficult to my my treasures amongst all the supplies.

I heard your cries. You wanted to be able to find my tiny treasures quicker and easier, so with that in mind I’m announcing  the launch of Lindas Art Spot 2 .

It only has a smidgin of the items to come and I’ll be addend items daily so be on the look out. You never know what will come next! I’ll be adding wearable art, earrings, and even my trade marked “booklocker” the best book marker you’ll ever own!

  So stop in and browse often                                                                                                    pin your favorite items to pinterest                                                                                                       click that heart to add my shop to your etsy favorites                                                                                              as always share it with a friend!
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Make a baby shower special with this memorial baby quilt.

Are you planning a Baby shower for someone special here’s an extra special gift idea you may want to consider. Custom baby quilts where the guest and family makes the squares. Also here few other items we made for the shower.1471811_10201624896559084_955801222_n

diaper cake for twins

I made a diaper cake with two colors one color for each of the twins.

DSC07713 prayer candles                                                         We even had shower favors.

The fall is one of my favorite times of year and yet it always seems to move at the speed of light and this year was no exception. It started off with a bang trying to finish these projects I started for my sister in law.

Last fall my sister and brother in law had there first born and second born. First and second you ask yep you guessed it twins right out of the box. They are so precious and love able. Well you know I wanted to do something special that they would always have to look back on as they grew older.

So last year when helping to plan the baby shower I borrowed and expanded on an idea I got from a friend. I wanted to created a quilt that was filled with all the love of the friends and family that surrounded them when they were little.

I used evite.com picked a super cute invite and sent this out to all their families and friends and the results were great! Here is what the evite said.

Be a part of the SURPRISE!

Twins Quilt Project 

Come on we need some help or this will be the tinniest quilt ever...

Send me your address and I will mail you blank squares and Direction on how to embellish your very own square that will become a part of an extra special love filled quilt…  Order extras and let your kids help.

 I asked every one to make one square for each of the babies, I sent them a solid white back ground and asked that they personalize it anyway that they want many used fabric markers while some knitted a square that we sewed on. While others did applique, fabric photo paper you name it. I asked that they all sign the front of the square but as you can see many forgot. They then brought the finished squares to the shower or for those who could not attend they mailed them in and we used them to decorate.


Quilt squared used to decorate the shower.

I made a center square that gave the given name birthdate, weight etc all in a heart and them put the quilt together. It was a bit hard bringing so many styles together in a “Non baby” fashion that hopefully they would enjoy as they grow older.


I think the results were awesome. Because not everyone remembered to sign their square, I put a sort of index guide to who did what on the back with a cute saying I found that goes like this.

Families are like quilts

Lives pieced together

Stitched with

Smiles and tears

Colored by memories

And bound by love


Below are some photos of the finished quilts that the twins received completed on their 1st Birthday.

1450238_10201624913279502_1040981902_n baby shower quilt kaleva

1488247_10201624907839366_1332623391_n1476382_10201624908439381_1167998215_n1471811_10201624896559084_955801222_n1461131_10201624910239426_989487177_n baby shower memory quilt 1456676_10201624907359354_2076321493_n