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Cernit Professional Metallic Polymer Clay for brightness and shimmer

Photo credit: art_ruzalina on Instagram

Cernit Metallics clay has a very high mica particle content and offers stunning results with unrivaled brightness and metallic shimmer making it perfect for mica shift and so much more.

Photo credit: ramiro_esther on Instagram

Perfect in thin layers for techniques like canes, mokume gane, faux gemstones, lighting crafts like night lights, luminaires and more. When baked, Cernit is very strong and resistant to color change.

Photo credit: josie.jouvenet on Instagram

Linda’s Art Spot carries 14 vibrant shades of Cernit Metallic Polymer Clay.

Cernit Metallic Polymer Clay at Linda’s Art Spot

Make beautiful, natural stone-like jewelry that has gorgeous texture with Cernit Nature

Photo credit: Varga Zsuzsi

Yes, we have written about Cernit Nature before.  But artists keep making gorgeous pieces out of this amazing clay so we wanted to show you some more awesome pictures!

Cernit Nature gives the look of natural stone which visually gives it so much weight and substance.  Aren’t these pieces gorgeous!

Photo credit: Varga Zsuzsi

Linda’s Art Spot carries Cernit Nature in 4 colors:  quartz, granite, basalt, and savannah.  What beautiful creations are you going to make with Cernit Nature?

Cernit Nature at Linda’s Art Spot