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tips on how to keep your polymer clay from sticking to your pasta machine.

Do you wish you had three hands, one to feed your polymer clay into the pasta machine to keep it from sticking to the rail while the other two are busy cranking the machine and catching the clay as it feeds out the bottom. Well maybe this little trick will help you a bit. I just wish I remembered where I learned it. It’s especially helpful on my Makins Clay machine because of the extra wide body and large skinner blends I like to make.

how to care for your pasta machine08012013012Apply a strip of 2″ painters tape or masking tape to the back rail cover.           Keeping it on the cover and as  close to the roller as possible

how to care for your pasta machine08012013014

smooth it on and over the bend of the rail cover to the back

how to care for your pasta machine08012013013

Trim to fit.


View from the back

This will help when you let go of the clay with your feeding hand and let the polymer clay slide easily over the rail and into the pasta machine without sticking and stretching out your clay. Now you can use that hand to catch.

Wa-la it’s almost as good as having a third hand.


You can find this and other helpful tutorials at Linda’s Art Spot  Or check out my full line of wonderful polymer clay and craft supplies.

that was easy

that was easy

Happy Claying,

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The magical world of tiny butterflies, according to polymer clay artist Julia Cissell

The tiny tiny world according to Julia Cissell- of GodsFlyingFlowers and her remarkable tiny butterflies.


When skimming the world of PC on facebook I found myself  looking in amazement at the beautiful work of Julia Cissel. Julia is a polymer clay artist that has focused on an unbelievable tiny scale. Her focus, detail, and commitment is evident in the beauty of her work. tiny butterflies by Julia Cissell

Let me start by saying no these are not decals, paintings or produced by machines they are done with the careful time and care of Julia’s hands.

Red Spotted Purple by Julia Cissell

Red Spotted Purple by Julia Cissell

In this image above Julia show the finished clay work known as caning or millifori in which she makes the design of the Red Spotted Purple butterfly. Prior to reducing the butterfly it is only a few inches long, this process alone can take many many hours of hard work to get the design and detail you will see in her final piece. Like this beautiful monarch butterfly below.

Julias butterflies and other miniatures very in size from 1/16 to 1/4″ ok need some perspective look at the tips of your fingers do you see your fingerprints now look again at her images. Yes thats her finger and her fingerprints that you see under the butterfly. So were talking specks especially for someone like me that have hands like mallets. LOL


Once Julia has completed her cane she must then reduce it. Then working with  fine nylon fiber she will proceed to complete her wonderful and magic creation.


GFF miniature butterflies show such a true-to-life degree of detail and proportion in the pictures for their size, that when her customers actually see their butterflies in person, they are much smaller than they imagined!

10410343_10205823745774786_5154135917082186715_n Are you worried you might break it or loose it don’t worry, Julia say  “If you moisten your fingertip before placing the butterfly on it, it will easily stay put- Even when holding it upside down.” She has strategically designed these special butterflies with strength and resilience both in the way they are assembled and the materials used, so no need to worry about breaking them… “They are every bit as durable as their appearance is delicate!”


Hum maybe I could put one on my shoulder to keep me company for a great day! Oh wait that’s the blue bird we keep on our shoulders. What can say I still gotta have one what to do?? Julia even had the answers for those of us who just want to keep in view so we can enjoy it each day. She offers a 1″ square acrylic display box  to mount your miniature butterfly in , it even has a removable magnifier lid so you can clearly see the detail from all angles. If you like a more mystical way to keep your butterfly close by and safe how about a poison ring. Rumor has it they are a perfect addition to a poison ring.10622929_10206345708743534_5288929651406846556_nComing in the very near future Julia will be adding miniature flower terrariums to her etsy shop. These terrariums can be purchased to be used on there own, or you can have a miniature butterfly mounted in one. Oh wouldn’t that make a lovely necklace or earrings! 10277125_10206345707343499_4217039255578493783_n

I just have to wonder how did Julia get into making her tiny flying flowers? Did she move into a tiny house and need to “size down”. Ok enough of my silliness, these are truly GodsFlyingFlowers.  Be sure to show Julia your love of her work and visit her on Facebook, or check out her Etsy shop to purchase your very own tiny flying flower.