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Valentines Day the good and the bad.


Last year when planning my teaching schedule for the first quarter of the year I found myself thinking about Valentine’s day. You see Valentine’s day landed on a Thursday, my scheduled day to teach at Hobby Lobby. I personally believe that Valentines like many of our holidays has gotten so commercialized and it has lost some of its meaning. Sure I think It’s wonderful to get roses and special I love you goodies ,who wouldn’t. My word, the price of roses quadrupled and cards skyrocketed it’s just a bit insane.images

When I was young so much emphasis was put on who got what and oh how that person must be loved more because they got a bigger box of chocolates or more roses. Like all things with age comes wisdom at least some I hope and I realize that the depth of my husband’s love for me could never be judged in one single day. He shows me his love every day by the way kisses me goodbye in the morning or how he cares for me when I am sick. He is always thinking about the everyday things for me. If he sees me struggling with a project I am working on he will share ideas or even make me a tool to make it easier. I feel his love all the time.images-2

So what about all those years prior to meeting my special someone, was I less lovable? Was I really cut out from a holiday that was designed for couples? What about all those folks who find themselves without a loved one this year. There are far more single people out there and things that matter more to me so I decided I wanted to change the focus and so last year I did. The response was so positive that I decided to do a repeat this year. Read all about Claying for Charity in my next blog.

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