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Camping in Southern California, but don’t forget to check the lake levels!

So with the summer coming to an end marked by the last holiday of summer you know we just had to take advantage of it. We did a quick run to Santa Barbara County for a little camping get away.

With our planing and web browsing done, we thought we were gold, Lake Cachuma here we come.  What we wanted was a week of camp side fishing, peace and quiet and maybe even a day trip or two. We were even excited to see that they had a handicapped accessible fishing pier, perfect! Or so we thought.

camping in southern california08292013034 The drive was beautiful, we left late morning and skirted the heavy LA traffic out to the 101 and headed north.

We were making good time so I just had to put in a plea for a quilt/yarn and needle shop stop in Carpinteria. Say that 10 x’s fast.  How did I know it was there, it must be my radar LOL.

I have been working on two quilts and just could not find what I wanted. Ok I’m just making the layout and fabric choices. I can’t even say I made all the squares as that was done by the babies family and loved ones, and were displayed at the baby shower for my lovely niece and nephew. I’ve left the heavy lifting to the expert with a long arm machine .  Anyway I had done a little recon. prior to leaving  and boy was it worth the stop. Roxannes quilts was the cutest, coolest quilt shop I’ve had the good fortune to enter. IMG_1042

If your ever in Carpinteria be sure to stop in. This is no traditional quilt shop. They have super hip, cool and current fabrics. www.roxannequilts.com

camping in southern california08292013035

Shopping done we set out to set up our beautiful lakeside campsite.

camping in southern california08302013021

Well kinda lakeside seem there lake levels were down about 30 feet. Total bummer. Chris could traverse the 30 foot drop to the lake but not me. Walkers are not really any help on a cliff. LOL

CachumaYurt1 See this picture posted on the Lake Cachuma web site of these cool yurts.

camping in southern california08302013023This is the real view see them way up on the hill. Yep same Yurts, but not quite the lakeside they thought they would get either. In fact the real boat ramp ends about 30 feet up in the air, just ends, in the air. Yikes!

camping in southern california08302013024

We did take a nice nature cruise and the naturalist was supper nice and well informed. See the mule deer, Awe.

As for quiet, not really the campers next to us had the tallest, biggest portable antenna I’ve ever seen, and when it wasn’t spouting political talk shows it was just really loud static.

camping in southern california08302013027Can you guess what this is?

camping in southern california08302013028It’s a floating porta potty for boaters.  I’ve done lots of boating in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this. What a cool idea.

camping in southern california08302013022Well, we ended up not getting to fish at all. Remember the cool handicapped fishing dock. It seems that when the water is low it’s just like the boat ramps, except ending 30′ in the air. It stops short of the water by, I don’t know maybe a half a mile. Yep no way this girl was getting any fishing done.

camping in southern california08312013032

So instead we took a few day trips, my favorite was Morro Bay.

camping in southern california08312013031

We used their trolly system to explore the town and watched the sea lions play.

camping in southern california08312013029

Did a drive by of Morro Rock

camping in southern california08312013030

And ended our day in this cute fishing village                                                                   with a super fresh fish dinner at the docks.

Our trip was just so typical of life. So to quote the Rolling Stones “You can’t always get what, no you can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you just might find, that you get what you need”.  And we did just that, a relaxing break from everyday life, lots of reading time, a bit of back to nature time and great side trip that brought it all together.

Fair well to Summer

I can’t think of summer and not be reminded of the time in my life when I dreamed of the last day of school. I felt unstoppable, strong and full of energy. We didn’t have computers, electronic games and gadgets that left us glued to a chair.

We would jump on our bikes and we were free, we had our bikes and our imaginations and no one could catch us. My days were filled with swim team practice, and playing with the neighborhood boys.


My little brother and I would go on adventures and explorations of the woods near by. We would loose hours digging crawdads out of the creek beds just to move them a few feet down stream to a mote and castle we built out of the rocks and sticks.

Our family vacations were full of water skiing, swimming, fishing and camping. But my favorite summer was when I got to go to Girl Scout camp.

stock photos

It was a time when I would take my ball cap off and tuck a bit of my tom boy aside and let me the artist shine through. I remember making macramé lanyards, string art, pottery, gods eyes and so much more. I would dream of what it would be like to just play with my arts and crafts forever.god's eye

But then summer would end and my ball cap would go back on. The world would tell us it’s time to grow up at bit more, were moving up a grade, its time to conform, you have responsibilities.

As I grew older I lost track of how to stop and play to just enjoy a day.

Does it have to be that way, really who says so? Well I found a group of friends who say it isn’t so, just wait I’ll talk about them later.

And yes this is called a teaser!

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