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Tips on how to keep your polymer clay from sticking to your pasta machine

Do you wish you had three hands?  One to feed your polymer clay into the pasta machine to keep it from sticking to the rail and two that are busy cranking the machine and catching the clay as it feeds out the bottom? Wel,l maybe this little trick will help you a bit.  I just wish I remembe where I learned it!  It’s especially helpful on my Makins Clay machine because of the extra wide body and large skinner blends I like to make.

how to care for your pasta machine08012013012Apply a strip of 2″ painters tape or masking tape to the back rail cover.           Keeping it on the cover and as  close to the roller as possible.

how to care for your pasta machine08012013014

Smooth it on and over the bend of the rail cover to the back.

how to care for your pasta machine08012013013

Trim to fit.


View from the back.

This will help when you let go of the clay with your feeding hand and let the polymer clay slide easily over the rail and into the pasta machine without sticking and stretching out your clay. Now you can use that hand to catch.

Voila,!  It’s almost as good as having a third hand!


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that was easy

that was easy

Happy Claying,

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Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay

Photot credit: perlesandco on Instagram

Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay offers a wonderful porcelain effect due to its 50% opacity finish.  Perfect for crafters and professionals alike!

Photo credit: beadnheartdesigns
on Instagram

It is available in 14 colors which can be mixed to create a beautiful spectrum of colors.  Cernit polymer clay is ideal for delicate work and offers a high tensile strength.  It allows you to work with the thinnest pieces imaginable.

Photo credit:
l_arcobaleno_tra_le_mani on Instagram

Linda’s Art Spot carries all 14 colors of Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay.  How will you use it?

Cernit Opaline at Linda’s Art Spot