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Learn how to make your own beautiful bath bombs with this easy tutorial and perfect molds

Photo credit: The Inspiration Board

We’ve all got a little stress in our lives right now.  Well, let’s face it.  We probably ALWAYS have some stress going on, but perhaps now more than ever.  It’s time for a little self-care.  Let’s take a deep breath, listen to the birds chirping, make a cup of tea and then slip into a hot bath.  Sounds divine doesn’t it?

Why not make your bath that much more luxurious with a bath bomb.  Bath bombs help to soften your skin and they smell great.  Hello aromatherapy!  We found an easy tutorial at The Inspiration Board where they make orange scented bath bombs using common ingredients you can find at your drug store or grocery store.

Photo credit: The Inspiration Board

And what shape will you mold your bath bomb into?  Well, Linda’s Art Spot has a bunch of molds for you to choose from.  Wouldn’t these hearts be adorable fizzing in your bath?  Or what about this  fanciful mermaid?  Yeah, we think so too.  Oh, and these would make fantastic gifts too!

Heart Mold at LInda’s Art Spot

Fanciful Mermaid mold at Linda’s Art Spot