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What’s in a name it time for a change, ideas, writers, and artist wanted!

Its time for change, ideas, writers, and artist wanted!  Have you wanted to share your creative sparks check this out.

image via richardgerver.com

image via richardgerver.com

Ok so its been just under 2 years since I started my blog “linda’s Art Spot” started, and I started my etsy online shop. I’ve found as much as I love everything about polymer clay well life should be more than clay. My blog has expanded to include other adventures in my creative life.  Things like gardening, camping, cooking, sewing woodworking well you get the picture. This has left me wanting to make a shift in my blog and I need your help.

I want to change my shop name to reflect “living your best creative life” with an emphasis but not exclusively on polymer clay. I am brain storming ideas so if you have a name or thought you are willing to share “private message me” There is no compensation for this just the satisfaction in helping someone else.

I also want to have more time in the studio, garden, woodshop etc. I am looking
for contributors for my blog folks who would like to share there craft, art or creative ways.

Maybe you already have a blog and want to share a post once a week or once a month. That would be great!

Maybe you write tutorials and sell them else where and would like to offer free tuts awesome!

Do you love to scan the web and find cool techniques to share. Whatever you might have to offer just contact me and lets see where this goes! This just might be the opportunity we’ve both have been looking for.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Color makes me smile, and these mandalas painted on ocean stones really lighten my step!

stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-10-605x605Happiness for some people can seem so hard to find. Like many people life has thrown me quite a few challenges and each time I do my best to rise up and knock them back. What I have learned is that they can not all be knocked back, so I have to adjust and learn to live with what I have.

As a result I focus my days and time on what it is that makes me happy! A kind word from a stranger, and unexpected call from my daughter, time in the garden or in my studio. And Always COLOR!stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-9

I just love color I can’t go anywhere and not be drawn it to the color of the sky, the shades of green or often brown in our landscapes. When searching the internet for inspiration I came across this artist Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist based in Canada. It is obvious that she too loves color and her work speaks to me in such a most basic way I can’t help but smile and be mesmerize. Take a peek and her work and tell me what you think.

Have a great day! Find and focus on what makes you happy!

stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-13-605x605 stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-1-605x605 stone-art-mandala-elspeth-mclean-canada-5