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6 ways to use your mini mister a great little tool for artist and crafters alike.

Did you know that this simple #MINI MISTER is a super tool to keep in your art supply stash?

So do you have this or have you seen this simple mini mister and wondered now what can I do with this little thing? I bought my first one years ago and it sat in my art stash untouched for years.

imagesThen one day when trying to create a tiny “#splash”of color on a project this little guy popped in my head. I mixed a bit of acrylic paint and watered to thin and started squirting. Next thing I knew I had to order more.

Now I have a little arsenal of #mini spritzers ready and filled to help me at the push of the pump. LOL

A few more Ways to use your MINI SPRITZER 

It’s perfect to use with water or your favorite craft mediums for interesting techniques. How about fill them with water and water-based products–dye inks, reinkers, resist inks, #rubber stamp cleaners.

Perfect for carrying them to crops, art retreats, clay days, or just taking up a lot less space on you already full work surface.

#Polymer Clay artist can fill this fine mist spray bottle with water or other releasing agents like “armor all” and spray it on rubber stamps and texture plates for use as a release agent. Use it for keeping metal clay moist while working.

How about adding a stippled effect on polymer clay cured or uncured, paper or other mixed mediums. You can fill it with diluted acrylic paints to create a stippled effect.

I have one that holds my blending solution and extender solution so when I am working with #alcohol inks. I can add a light mist to my project to help me control the flow of the ink without over-saturating the project.

Let me count the ways….                                                                                                      I have several of these labeled and on hand for all sorts of projects.                       So just open your mind and think of the many ways you can entice your mini spritzer to help you create!


You can find these and many other specialty tools and other polymer clay-friendly supplies at Linda’s Art Spot.


Tired of distorting your beads while creating them, check out this tutorial on custom texture tube beads made with polymer clay

We love unique beads and jewelry components so when I found this video by Sona Grigoryan, I just had to share.

She takes lots of time creating her own textures which are awesome, but what I really like is how she makes and cures and core bead. Then she covers it with the textures she creates.

Wheather you want to create your own textures or use stamps, stencils, & imprint tools, or hand tools to create them its a super idea to create them on a core bead,  to prevent distortion while your working.

Just imagine all the fun finishes you can use on these beads like paints, inks, waxes, inka gold and swellegant oh my!

Try something new and explore your way to a creative day at Lindas Art Spot.