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Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay

Photot credit: perlesandco on Instagram

Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay offers a wonderful porcelain effect due to its 50% opacity finish.  Perfect for crafters and professionals alike!

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It is available in 14 colors which can be mixed to create a beautiful spectrum of colors.  Cernit polymer clay is ideal for delicate work and offers a high tensile strength.  It allows you to work with the thinnest pieces imaginable.

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l_arcobaleno_tra_le_mani on Instagram

Linda’s Art Spot carries all 14 colors of Cernit Opaline Polymer Clay.  How will you use it?

Cernit Opaline at Linda’s Art Spot

Sculpey Souffle Clay

Photo credit: Syndee Holt

Have you worked with souffle clay? Souffle clay is strong and self-supporting and doesn’t crack in large pieces, which makes it great for larger clay projects. It has a beautiful suede finish when baked.

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Here at Linda’s Art Spot we have 22 beautiful colors of souffle clay for you to choose from.  Are you ready to start creating?

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Sculpey Souffle Clay at Linda’s Art Spot