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Clay Extruders give a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes!



Photo credit: Curso Extruding Fantasy

Clay extruders can help you get a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors into your projects.  Have you experimented with them?  It’s amazing what you can create!  Get started here at Linda’s Art Spot and shop our collection of extruders.

Photo credit: Psyche Designs

Photo credit: Noelia Contreras

Makin’s Clay Extruder Set D at Linda’s Art Spot



Helen Briel Silkscreens for Polymer Clay

Photo credit: Helen Briel

Helen Briel’s silkscreens let you add intricate texture to your polymer clay project.  Her designs are organic and allow your ideas to flow from your hands to the clay.

Photo credit: Conversations in Clay

Helen Briel silkscreen “Opposites Attract” at Linda’s Art Spot

Here at Linda’s Art Spot, we have several of her silkscreens to get your creative juices flowing.  Are you ready to get started?