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Tired of distorting your beads while creating them, check out this tutorial on custom texture tube beads made with polymer clay

We love unique beads and jewelry components so when I found this video by Sona Grigoryan, I just had to share.

She takes lots of time creating her own textures which are awesome, but what I really like is how she makes and cures and core bead. Then she covers it with the textures she creates.

Wheather you want to create your own textures or use stamps, stencils, & imprint tools, or hand tools to create them its a super idea to create them on a core bead,  to prevent distortion while your working.

Just imagine all the fun finishes you can use on these beads like paints, inks, waxes, inka gold and swellegant oh my!

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The wonders of a fairy house door and other enchanted doors in polymer clay

Every so often I will peruse Etsy and Pinterest to check out what some of my customers are making. Check out what I found today….

Fairy house doors by Kim Detmers

Wev’e all seen the cute little fairy house doors but what happens when you take it a bit further? Not just to the lands of fairy’s but to lands of ogres, bats, sea creatures and other mystical places.

While quickly flying through hundreds of Pinterest images I kept seeing these adorable fantastical doors. You could tell they had to be from the same artist so I had to take a closer look. These doors have such a distinct look; sort of elegant and whimsical melded in a way that makes you wonder just who lives there. LOL



Magical Doors by artist Kim Detmers can lead just about anywhere. How about  to a spooky castle?






How about to an ogre’s home?


Turns out these wonderful doors are created by polymer clay artist Kim Detmers


I love the way that Kim mixes her cane work with textures and color giving the piece a very cohesive appeal. Kim also does a wonderful job letting color work for her weather it’s in a complementary or contrasting way in MHO she nails it.


Often when canes are used to create sculptural pieces they can become a bit flat, not literally but visually, but she has done a great job of mixing it up to keep your eye traveling around the piece to see what other little detail is hiding.


Although it seems she only has 1 door currently available for purchase you should definitely check out her work on her Etsy site, oh yes and be sure to check out her blog.

I don’t know about you but this has given me a bit of inspiration I’ve never done a fairy door or house my feet stay a bit more in this realm. But I have been selling these cute fairy door and window molds, and with Christmas just around the corner maybe I’ll take them for a spin and make a Christmas Elf door???   Hmm I wonder, what will this inspire you to create?

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