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Are you ready for the 4th of July, have fun with these super easy creative ideas

4th of july collageSo with the 4th of July just around the corner I wanted to share some creative ideas to help make you holiday a bit more festive. Check out these fun ideas I found on the web.

Decorate your lawn for the 4th of July

Do you have a lush green lawn? Well you can amp up the party by adding stars and stripes to your grass how cool is that. Or maybe make your lawn into a great big twister lawn game the ideas are limitless.

Lawn Twister

Its super easy using water based construction marking paint its designed to spray upside down and it won’t kill your grass.  My local ACE carries this in lots of colors. Check out the concrete cottage to get more details on this easy to do project. Just spray and go. Clean up could not be any easier just wait for the grass to grow a bit and mow. LOVE IT!  You can even decorate for any theme parties using some of these fun stencils.

OK this should go without saying but for those of you who have ARTIFICIAL grass STOP don’t do it its permanent and is cut (mowed) out of growing grass but your won’t grow so there’s no way to remove it.  LOL

candy melted covered oreos

If you’re not the one throwing the 4th of July bash but want to take a small holiday token how about one of these fresh festive treats. Both are super easy to make and require no special tools just yummy berries or Oreos’ see how crafty recipes put the cookies together, candy melts, sprinkles, add a little food coloring to the melts or chocolate, how about some star nonpareils or colored sugars, etc. If you prefer real white chocolate to candy melts like I do here is a simple recipe to follow 

white chocolate covered strawberries

4th of July Oreo Pops Yum!

Hope you and yours have a safe and fun holiday!


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