Tutorial: Marbled Canvas Shoes. Add A Unique Touch To Your Wardrobe.

Yes, we kind do think that you can marble anything.  But we’re not alone.  Marabu agrees with us.  Check out this fun, 55 second video tutorial that shows you how to marble canvas shoes.  What an awesome idea!


Linda’s Art Spot has all the marbling paint to help get you started.  We carry the 6 piece set , the 12 piece set, the Easy Marble Starter Set, as well as individual colors.  Ready to start jazzing up your wardrobe?


Make Your Own Molds Out of Any Small Object With Amazing ReMelt

Amazing Remelt by Alumilite is a reusable non-toxic food grade mold making material.  Now you can make and remake molds using your own molds for resin, food, soap, wax, clay and more!  When you’re done with it simply remelt it in the oven, microwave, or double boiler and repour over and over.

Here’s a great instructional video showing how easy this stuff is to use.  You’ll also want to check out this really good blog post by Amazing Casting Products that shows you how to make your own pendants.  You could make a mold out of anything.  Once you start looking around the house you’ll realize that the possibilities are endless!

This is ideal for making molds for smaller items such as jewelry, push molds, polymer clay, resin molds, embellishments, and chocolate molds.

Amazing ReMelt is available now at Linda’s Art Spot.  What will you be making?