Cernit Number One

Photo credit: victoriab.creations on Instagram

Cernit “Number One” also known as Cernit Basic is opaque and is available in 42 colors here at Linda’s Art Spot.

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josie.jouvenet on Instagram

Cernit is perfect for children as well as adults, professional artists and crafters and makes wonderful jewelry.

The large color range allows beginners and more experienced users to vary shades without having to mix colors. However, Cernit colors can be mixed to create a beautiful spectrum of colors.

Photo credit: victoriab.creations on Instagram

Cernit Number One Polymer Clay at Linda’s Art Spot

Ranger Alcohol Inks

Photo credit: kelsey_garlandart on Instagram

Ranger Alcohol Inks are acid-free, fade-resistant, fast drying and transparent.  They are ideal for multiple surfaces including glossy paper, metal, foil,  shrink plastic, glass and more.  Of course we also love them on polymer clay!

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on Instagram

Linda’s Art Spot carries a wide variety of colors of Ranger Alcohol Inks for you to choose from.

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Ranger Alcohol Ink Set – Spring Break at Linda’s Art Spot