Just released Syndee Holts new positive and negative stamp designs!

multi-stamp syndee holt

Drum roll please….. Check it out Syndee Holt polymer clay artist, photographer and all around creative has created her own stamp designs.

I am luck enough to belong to the very same guild as Syndee, so I get lots of tips and tricks first hand. This year at Sandy Camp the guild retreat run by the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild Syndee introduced her new stamp designs. I knew they were coming as I already had them on order with the manufacture but had not gotten my shipment yet so it was fun to see what was on the way.


Syndee Holt is the ultimate giver and sharer of knowledge, and excitement.  This year at Sandy Camp it was no different. Syndee did several demos. She did one on photographing your work which was awesome, one demo using her favorite stamp the 2207J to make faux raku,

Syndee's faux raku

Syndee’s faux raku using 2207J

and last but not least one using her wonderful new stamps with both positive and negative images. She has even done a tutorial for the circle in circle pendant below. Its always fun seeing what Syndee is up too while soaking up some of her exciting energy!

A great big thanks Syndee!

Check out a few pieces that she has made using her very own stamp designs and as always with Syndee she has added these designs with her own dramatic surface techniques for stunning results.

In this one she used a transfer on the top section and the positive stamps imprint for the subtle bottom black layer.

Again this shows the wonderful results you can get by using the positive and negative of the very same design, and I say ya gotta love it. Way to go Syndee!

Syndee Holt stamp designs

Syndee Holt stamp designs


You can find Syndee’s designs and even her favorite 2207J stamp at Lindas Art Spot


Coloring makes great Family fun time, A pressure free way to get to know someone, or A quiet retreat


Coloring can be a great family activity, a way to get to know new friends or a peaceful place to go on your own.

My husband reintroduced me and my daughter to adult coloring on our 4th date over 16 years ago. Yep he was a keeper. Turns our he loves colors and kept  and sheets on hands for him and his friends to color on

camping trips, or just when hanging out. At that time I did not even know there were books for adults. Who knew I would eventually start selling them. When I thought of coloring books I thought of all those preschool coloring books. But he brought a wonderful collection to share.



So when it was time to meet my daughter he came prepared with his coloring books and doodle art pages, markers, and pencils. It was such a great way to sit and visit and since we were all coloring it gave us something to talk about while relieving the pressure of there first introduction. And it did not take long for all of us to be chatting away while we colored.

So if your looking for something fun and different to do with new friends, teen and adult alike or just an ice breaker consider coloring its loads of fun and relaxing.

Me I still like to color and I tend to push myself to try new color pallets out that when I find a combo I like well guess what colors my polymer clay project start to be in. And I can even use my Chameleon pens to color my polymer clay with.

Check it out my assortment of fun unique coloring books!

Happy Coloring!

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