a bit about me

I studied art at the University of West Ga. While raising my 
daughter and working full time. I was never able to finish my 
degree. So close and yet so far…..


 After the on set of and undiagnosed illness in 2009, life has thrown me a few curves my illness runs it’s course 
and I have learned to ride the waves after all I have
 my devices, canes, walkers and wheelchair oh my.
 I savor each day that I don’t need there assistance, 
but they are never far from reach. I found myself unable 
to work traditionally, never being able to count on my 
body and mind doing what I ask of them.

My supportive husband has always called me an Artist, 
 and I liked that but never dreamed of actually leaving 
corporate America to pursue my dreams. Now thanks to 
my illness, it seams they pursue me. I am able to work at 
home at whatever pace my body allows, and teach polymer clay 
at our local hobby lobby, in my home studio and through polymer clay guilds. 
I am blessed to be giving this chance to live my life and follow the dreams I have always had.

I studied many different mediums but sculpting is by far my favorite. 
I love all things creative and colorful. I especially enjoy art that is 
functional and can’t seem to touch anything and not add
 my own flavor. 
Now that I have a firmer grip on the art of working with polymer clay I push forward hoping to find my own voice in this medium and our world.

I hope to, add a smile to your days, share blessings life has to offer lessons I have learned and most of all hope to inspire you to join me in finding your own voice.

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Artfire,   Pintrest  Facebook , Etsy

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