You too can create beautiful abstract art with alcohol inks!

K Swan Art on Etsy

There are lots of fantastic artists out there.  We know a few ; )  But not everyone feels like they can create “art”.  Well, maybe you can’t draw a realistic portrait of your dear little terrier, but that doesn’t mean you’re not an artist.

Ink and Bear It on Etsy

Alcohol ink may be the medium that helps you feel more like the artist you really are.  Alcohol ink has an ethereal fluidity to it that lends itself perfectly to abstract art.  How amazing would an alcohol ink creation look in your boudoir or in your powder room?  People will be impressed, trust us.  But more importantly you will start to realize that yes, even you too can be creative and are dare we say it, an artist.

Phoenix Kate Designs on Etsy

Linda’s Art Spot has an amazing array of alcohol inks in glorious, rich colors.  So come on!  You know that blank spot on your living room wall is crying out for some alcohol ink abstract art.

Marabu alcohol ink at Linda’s Art Spot

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