Quick and beautiful glass ornaments made with alcohol ink and canned air

Check out this easy to do quick holiday project with

Tim Holtz and Ranger Alcohol Inks.

Ornaments 3 Ways.

Watercolored, Stamped and Solid.

There no limits to your imagination with these tools.


Tim Holtz along with Ranger put together this video and since I love alcohol inks. I knew I would have to give it a try. I’ve got my favorite inks.  Now, I just have to get some glass ornaments!

This could be a wonderful backdrop to a polymer clay enhanced ornament.

You can make these custom gifts for the entire family using canned air and alcohol inks in minutes.

Here are a few tips:

Use the ink sparingly so it spreads and does not pool too much which will “muddy” the colors and ultimately the project. Also, as a note, both samples shown are using the Ranger Alcohol Inks which are translucent whereas the Pinata Alcohol Ink by Jacquard would be more vibrant and less translucent.


Check out what these other bloggers created.  Melissa with  Bliss Bloom made these cuties.

Watercolor Ornaments with Alcohol Ink.


Check out this one made by LulaBelle Handicrafts.

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