Create Vibrant Versatile Looks With Marabu Alcohol Inks


rosey acorn art on Instagram

You can create stunning works of art on a variety of surfaces with vibrant and versatile Marabu alcohol inks! Use the wide range of colors on their own or blend the dye-based inks together for infinitely creative possibilities.

These inks are fast-drying, permanent, acid-free, and blendable.

Marabu alcohol ink bottles feature a narrow precision tip and a drip well at the base of the cap to help catch drips.

Marabu alcohol inks are ideal for multiple surfaces including polymer clay, glossy paper, metal, foil, rubber, suede, leather, dominos. shrink plastic, glass, vinyl, ceramic, stone, YUPO, wood, encaustic, fiberglass, acrylic, polymer clay and more.

gigis.customz on Instagram

Marabu Alcohol Inks work great for these echniques:  fine arts, scrapbooking, crafts, faux stained glass, card making, faux finishing techniques and staining wood and leather.

Purchase your Marabu Alcohol Inks  at Linda’s Art Spot .  Are you ready to start creating!

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