FLASH SALE! ONE DAY ONLY! 15% OFF-Amaco Bead Rollers Help You Make Perfect Beads Every Time!



Thursday, August 27, 2020

7 am to 7 pm pst


15% OFF

Amaco Bead Rollers help you make the perfect bead every time.  You can use them with polymer, air-dry, precious metal or any moist clay. These bead rollers can make several beads at one time and they create a perfect “focal” bead every time!

The Tube Bead Roller comes in two different sizes. Set 1 creates 7 mm or 9 mm tube beads and Set 2 creates 6 mm or 8 mm tube beads.

Bobbi This n That on Etsy

The Oval Bead Roller makes a 19 x 7 mm oval bead and an 18 x 9 mm oval bead.

Very Charms on Etsy

Think of all the fun you can have making your own perfect beads!  Are you ready to start rolling?  Right now you can get our Amaco Bead Rollers for 15% OFF at Linda’s Art Spot .  Hurry before this sale goes away because it will only be here for 24 hours! 

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