FLASH SALE! ONE DAY ONLY! 15% OFF-It’s Time To Organize Your Alcohol Ink And Paint Collection! We’ve Got The Tools To Help You Do It.



Sunday, August 23, 2020

7 am to 7 pm pst




15% OFF

Now is the perfect time to organize your ink and paint collection.  We have two ways to keep you neat and tidy.

The Hinged Metal Storage Box has a clasp to keep your inks secure and a plastic insert to help keep your inks where you put them.  No more loose disheveled bottles!  This box holds up to 30 bottles.

It was designed to fit Tim Holtz’ .05 oz Alcohol / Adirondack inks and also fits Jacquard Pinata alcohol inks as well as the small .05 oz paint bottles and the 0.5 oz glitter glue bottle.  This is definitely a must have.

The ArtBin Storage Tray is perfect for alcohol inks, paints and other crafting supplies.  It holds thirty-two 0.5 oz bottles.

This individual tray is a white molded hard plastic that features a “kickstand” so the tray can be angled for better access to the bottles.

Are you ready to get organized?  Right now you can get the Hinged Metal Storage Box and the ArtBin Storage Tray for 15% OFF at Linda’s Art Spot .  This sale will disappear before you know it, so don’t let it pass you by!

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