Folded Meringue Stamp Gives Inspiration For a Easy to Follow Tutorial

Polymer clay earrings made by Domestic Diva using Folded Meringue stamp

We just found an amazing tutorial over at Domestic Diva and we can’t wait to share it with you!  Domestic Diva uses the Folded Meringue stamp, polymer clay, and metal finnishings to make a stunning pair of textured earrings.

This tutorial is great!  She walks you through each step of the process and explains things well as she goes.  She also includes lots of photos so you can easily follow along.





Are you ready to give this tutorial a try?  You can find everything you need at Linda’s Art Spot.  We have the Folded Meringue stamp  and dozens of other stamps for you to choose from as well as lots of clay in a rainbow of colors.  Not to mention all the tools and cutters to create your own unique designs.  Let the fun begin!

Folded Meringue stamp by Judykins at Linda’s Art Spot

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