Kid Craft – Shaving Cream Marble Paper

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Looking for some fun ways to spend your days with the kids?  How about making your own marble paper?  It’s really easy.  We found a great tutorial by Crafty Morning that walks you through the process.

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The ingredients are things you probably already have at home.  You’ll need:  acrylic paint, shaving cream, a straw, a popsicle stick, card stock, and a cookie sheet.  If you need some acrylic paint, Linda’s Art Spot has a large variety for you to choose from.

With your new beautiful marble paper, you and the kids can make some great crafts!  You could make a banner or cards for loved ones and neighbors.  We also love these butterflies that Crafty Morning made.  What will you and your kids make?  We’d love to see pictures!

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If you want a kit to get you started with your homemade marbled paper, Linda’s Art Spot has one all ready for you.  Our kit includes everything you need except the paper.  This kit will give you a little more professional results than the shaving cream method but is still very easy to use and is recommended for kids 8 and up.

No matter which you try, the shaving cream method or the ready made kit, you and your kids will have a great time creating swirly, colorful paper.

Marbling Kit at Linda’s Art Spot

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