Make beautiful fairy gardens with this new book, DIY Fairy Gardens

DIY Fairy Gardens at Linda’s Art Spot

Have you been contemplating making a fairy garden but just need a little inspiration to get you started?  Well, Linda’s Art Spot has just gotten a new book that might do the trick.  DIY Fairy Gardens: 5 Unique Projects for Home Decor Magic by Kristi Simpson includes 5 fairy garden designs and tons of unique ideas from which to draw your inspiration.

In this book, you will have fun making a rope hut, tire swing, fire pit, hammock, trellis, bridge and more!  So many great ideas in this book!

One of my favorites is the Pine cone Hut Garden.  Abundant illustrations show you how to use a toilet paper tube, a glue gun, bark and wood picks to make the magical hut. Yes, you should start saving your toilet paper tubes for this craft gem! Next add pine cone shingles and some moss to top off this enchanting construction. Placed in a shallow bowl with stones and more moss, it’s ready for the fairies to move in. What would you add to this hut? Kristi puts a fire pit (aka votive candle) in her example. Adorable!

DIY Fairy Gardens at Linda’s Art Spot

There are 5 fairy gardens in total in this book. Each with unique ideas using objects you probably already have in your craft stash or in your yard. This book is really a jumping off point for your imagination.

This book is suitable for adults and children and the fun can go on for hours when you make-believe!

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