Enjoy this easy clay project using multi colored clays and a simple planter you probably already have at home

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

If you’re getting a little stir crazy lately, we understand.  What better way to get some energy out and circulating than to dive into a little clay?  We found a fun and easy project over at A Beautiful Mess:  A petal planter.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

You probably have a plain planter lying around and a stash of clay in a variety of colors.  Why not create this colorful planter?  It’s crazy easy and beautiful!  All you need to do is smoosh globs of clay using a palette knife or other similar tool around your plain planter.  A Beautiful Mess has more detailed instructions for you on their blog post and Linda’s Art Spot has the clay.  We’ve got loads of colors and brands for you to choose from.  Perhaps an entire planter set is in your future?

Souffle Clay at Linda’s Art Spot

Kato Polyclay at Linda’s Art Spot

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