Make a simple but personal baby shower gift burp cloths from diapers.

I don’t know about you but my creative endeavors are not just in polymer clay. My niece is expecting her first child and I wanted to make a personal gift for the baby. I’ve made these before and they’re always a hit so I thought I’d share these easy to sew burp clothes using diapers as the base and embellishing them with fabrics.

So let’s get started what you’ll need.

  • Supplies you’ll need for the Burp cloth

  • Sewing machine, thread ok don’t want to be accused of missing the obvious.
  • Cotton Fabric depending on the design 1/4 yd to 1 yd (PREWASH & iron smooth)
  • New Cloth diapers
  • scissors or rotary cutting system
  • measuring device
  • pins
  • iron

1. Now let’s get going Prewash the fabrics of choice if your brand of diapers is not prewashed wash them as well. Dry in the dryer. We want to get them to shrink independently before we sew them together, to avoid them from puckering later.   Iron them smooth

2.  Cut a strip of fabric 28″ tall by 6″ wide

Cut 28″ X 6″ strip

keep in mind the 28″ will go from the top of the burp cloth to the bottom.     You’ll need to think through the way you lay the fabric design out.

3. Now fold 1/2″ along the longest sides and iron.

Fold 1/2″ along the longest sides

And press with an iron

3. Now lay the stip in the middle of the diaper and pin in place.

Place in the center of the diaper You’ll have about 3 inches extra in length divide that evenly.


Pin in place

Now turn the diaper over and working one side at a time, fold the excess length in half about 3/4″ bringing it to the edge of the diaper.


Now fold again and pin to the back of the diaper.


Now let’s get Sewing

Sew 1/8″ seam along the length of diaper stopping about 1/2 inch from the top


Pivot the fabric and sew 1/2″ seam across the top stopping 1/8″ from the side


Pivot and sew 1/8 seam along the side repeat the top process.

And now you’re done. You’ve made your very first custom burp cloth. You may notice that my horse fabric looks a bit fuzzy that’s because it’s flannel. I don’t prefer flannel for burp cloths but my nice is a horse crazy cowgirl and this print was so cute I just could not pass it up.

I got a bit crazy and made several different designs.  Boy that was fun and easy!



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