Polymer Clay Succulents


Photo credit: Succulent Blog Liv

Succulents seem to be having a moment for a while now.  It’s no wonder.  They’re relatively easy to keep alive and they have a simple, geometric beauty.  Add to that the subtle variations in color and you have a winning plant that no one can seem to get enough of.

Photo credit: Cactus Evhanimim

The succulent trend has definitely made it into the world of polymer clay.  Now that’s a plant you can’t kill!

Succulents are beautiful adornments in a variety of unexpected places.  How about on a spoon?  Yeah, we never thought of that one either.  A broach or earrings?  How about just a cute little nick-nack to sit on the shelf?  We agree.  They’re all adorable!

Photo credit: So Foxy Clay on Etsy

Linda’s Art Spot carries a huge variety of polymer clay for your succulent inspirations.  What will you make?

One of many varieties of polymer clay available at Linda’s Art Spot

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