Physically Separted but not Heart Isolated

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With all the craziness that’s going on, it can be easy to get lost in your personal cave.  Isolation is the meme of the day and our society certainly makes it easy for us to do so.  There are plenty of online platforms to binge on your favorite movies or tv episodes and entire days can float by in an endless fog.  But we wonder, is that healthy?

It is possible to be physically separated from others yet still be connected.  The same technology that can make us couch zombies also gives us the ability to talk face to face with our family on the other side of the globe or our neighbors next door.  Don’t forget to stay connected emotionally to yourself and to others.

One way to do that is to connect with your craft buddies.  Get together on Skype or a similar platform and share your latest crafting project.  Or you can virtually sip tea and knit together.  It’s time to be creative!  Don’t let the meme of the day keep you heart isolated.

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