Video for Making Faux Raku jewelery using polymer clay with Syndee Holt

Do you love the look of Raku? Want to make your own faux raku jewelry using Syndee Holt easy to do faux Raku on polymer clay, Yes well let’s go.

Faux Raku braclet by Syndee Holt

Check out this easy to follow the video and then head on back to Linda’s Art  for everything you need to get started.

You’ll find supplies like pearl ex mika powders , to citadels  Nihilakh Oxide the paint she used for the green highlights. You can even find the bowls for making assorted sized domes here, and of course I have the glue in magnet ends and leather for the bracelets.

SO watch the video now and head on over to Linda’s Art and get busy making some Raku jewelry you’ll enjoy today. Oh and don’t forget all the wonderful gifts you could make for family and friends.

Happy Creating,

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