Make fun valentine crafts to resemble conversation heart candies using polymer clay

One of my favorite things about Valentines is the little packs of conversation hearts. What can I say I just love them. And well forget about giving me chocolate I’d rather get a big box of polymer clay. Like this set of Kato clay


Now that you’ve got your clay how about haveing some fun making Valentine memories with your kids?  Or, maybe some gifts for your family and friends.

Check out these fun tutorials  I found where you can make your own candy hearts and heart jewelry.

Just think about all the fun things you can make from these hearts like: bracelets, earrings, rings, pendant, barettes, hairbows and so much more.

In the first tutorial, by an unknown author, you can create your own heart mold using a product like this silicone mold making kit.  and a real candy heart.  Do it message side down to keep the message or message side up to leave it blank to create your own message.

Next, you’ll need to use a color laser printer or color copier to print the words you want to transfer onto the hearts. You can also use waterslide paper. I recommend if you intend on stinging your “candy hearts” go ahead and make your holes prior to baking the clay. Follow this link for more details on making hearts with this method.

polymer clay candy hearts.

This is the second tutorial I found written by Ruth Steiner. Ruth rolls her mixed clay on the thickest setting and cuts the hearts out using the cutter from this geometric set or one of these kemper heart cutters. 



Next, she uses a needle tool or stamps for her message and hole for stringing. Cure the clay and then used a fine tip marker to create your message.


conversation hearts out of polymer clay

You can find more detailed instructions for Ruth’s method here.  I’d love to see what you come up with.

And remember you can find these cool tools and clay at Lindas Art Spot.

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