Wahooo Citadel paints are in stock now at Linda’s Art Spot

Citadel Paint article  and photo by Syndee Holt

Did you catch the wonderful article in Polymer Arts Magazine  Fall 2017  “Time in a Bottle” recreating an aged look written by Syndee Holt? Syndee does a wonderful job sharing the wonders of Citadel paints. Since Linda’s Art Spot carries Citadel paints I thought I would share some of the technical sides of the paint.

Let start with some basics. All Citadel  paints are non-toxic, water-based acrylic that are designed for use on plastic, metal, and resin. The different styles are designed to work together for a wonderfully cohesive look.

One pot contains either 12ml or 24ml of paint depending on the type of paint. Each paint comes in a “pot”  has a wonderful little top that snaps shut with a no leak appeal, just be sure you hear the snap.

image by Syndee Holt

Citadel paints Wondering what all the buzz is about?

Well to start with they come in different types like Shades, Texture, Technical, Layers Bases and more. I thought I would share a bit more about the difference types and how they are designed to be used. The approach that polymer clay artist take when using this paint is different then their intended use, so I’ll stick with that in mind when speaking about them.

Lets start with Shades

Shades are by far a favorite for PC artist. Shades are specially formulated to flow over other paints and into the recesses on your work, defining details and accentuating recesses. So if you love using stamps and texture tools to get designs. This can really add a pop. Once applied, they dry to provide very effective shading.

Now for the Technicals

Technicals are another favorite  especially with Syndee they include colors like Nihilakh Oxide, Corrosion, and Mud

Technicals are designed specifically for creating unique effects. For example Nihilakh Oxide allows any painter to add a verdigris effect. While Typhus Corrosion is designed to add streaks of oily rust. It can be painted into recesses, around rivets, or between panel lines to give a realistic, time-worn appearance.



Textures well thats sort of straight up they are designed to give texture. So for example Martian Ironearth creates a cracked earth effect. While Armageddon Dust and Armageddon Dunes contain microbeads to give you a dusty or windswept desert effect.

Hum I wonder about stone or pebble paths to a little fairy house? Or just a neat little texture to add to a favorite focal piece.


Base and Layers again pretty straight forward.

Base paints are just that the base paints are formulated for basecoating  quickly and easily. They are designed to give a smooth matte finish over black or white undercoats with a single layer. Not as prevalent for most polymer clay artist.

Layer paints hey are designed to be used straight over Citadel Base paints (and each other) without any mixing. By using several layers you can create a rich, natural finish

Find this fun new paint family and other great supplies at Linda’s Art Spot!






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