Part 3 – one of the biggest challenges an artist can face

What happened?  FEAR!

Like I sad before I believe that FEAR is the second most powerful emotion we feel, it can stop us from being all that we are meant to be, but breaking through fear is amazing, and awesome! I’ve done it in many areas of my life but seem to miss the spot when it comes to creating my own art.

Fear can be very strong but it can be beaten. From past experience it’s all about facing it and pushing through no matter what. My fear of failure has kept me from finding my voice in art. I have been doing some form of “copying” in my polymer clay for quite some time now. My loss of direction without the limits of an assignment to point me in a starting direction has left me not knowing where to start. My fear of failure says,”I don’t know how to do that”. But enough is enough Its time to Create! So I have set a challenge for myself. I challenge myself to start on just one piece or sketch or design and complete it. I know it won’t be perfect but it’s the first step in my exploration and finding my voice in art. I will learn from it and I will grow with it. It’s time to move forward and find out what is inside of me.

Join me in my journey to stop stalling, and  Start pushing through your artistic barriers to find your excellence today! I will be sharing my journey and would love to hear about yours!

Fighting to find me!

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