Fear is one of the biggest challenges an artist can face

We all have a path our lives take, it’s meant to be our own personal  journey. Our journey is our own and no one feels them or sees them the way we do. Many of us walk similar paths and face similar challenges, but no other persons journey is more important or more challenging, they are just different.  I have faced many difficult challenges in my life, things that seem to want to hold me back, squash me, break me yet I have risen and fought and won many battles. The thing about life is without the contrast of the challenges on our path we can’t really grow.

I am ready to step up to the plate again to take on the most evasive and cunning challenge that is still in me. It changes the way it looks at and the way it feels. Sometimes I feel it’s pumping inside my body, leaving my heart racing fighting for my life. Other times it’s a tickle keeping me sitting on the side lines watching and wanting! More often I don’t even feel the challenge all I am is numb, uninspired and dull to the world around me. My mind glued to  brain numbing TV or the computer. I find myself walking though life like a zombie.

You maybe asking yourself what can make you feel so many extreme feelings and be so challenging?


To me FEAR is the second most powerful emotion we feel. Fear can stop us from being all that we are meant to be! Sure it can help to keep us safe but to me fear is a form of control. Fears stop us from finding out just how strong and powerful we are. Fear is resilient in our lives it comes back to us over and over even when we think we have beaten it. Fear never really dies it just changes forms and its desire to control us.


Stay tuned to see how fear controls our art process!

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